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School-Wide Learner Outcomes

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision



Students effectively communicate orally and in writing using different mediums as demonstrated by their ability to:

  • Adequately use technical and academic language.
  • Communicate what they know about a subject and convey what they have experienced, imagined, and felt in writing both visually and verbally.

Students demonstrate social responsibility by acting as effective peacemakers and positive change agents in their own lives and community as demonstrated by their ability to:

  • Recognize the impact their actions have on self and others.
  • Resolve conflict in diverse setting.

Students take charge of their own future through ownership of their actions and future as demonstrated by their ability to:

  • Identify personal needs.
  • Integrate plans into a "big picture" vision.

Students interact and collaborate with diverse individuals and groups such as peers, partners, clients and community members as demonstrated by their ability to:

  • Negotiate to achieve common goals.
  • Establish clear and measurable goals.

Students analyze and evaluate information and ideas to determine appropriate actions, anticipate problems and challanges in order to develop solutions as demonstrated by their ability to:

  • Make valid conclusions/solutions based on the information.
  • Use evidence for claims.